Shiva Shakti Dutta | Where is the music in Natu Natu? Is that the original song?.. Sensational comments by Keeravani’s father

Shiva Shakti Dutta | The Natu Natu song in RRR movie has taken the world by storm. Even if the lyrics of this song are not understood, foreigners like it. The music in this made them crazy. That’s why many people have moved their legs to this song regardless of whether they are young or old, common people, celebrities. Lyricist Chandra Bose and music director Keeravani also won the prestigious Oscar award after seeing the craze for the Natu Natu song. Keeravani’s father Shivashakti Dutta did not like the Natu Natu song which impressed everyone. He recently made sensational comments saying where is the original music in this song. Shivashakti Dutta’s comments have now gone viral.

His father Sivashakti Dutta was overjoyed to see Keeravani win the Oscar. On this occasion he made interesting comments about Keeravani. Shivashakti Datta said that Keeravani is Panchapranas for him. He said that he taught Keeravani music from the age of three. He said that he has been amazed by Keeravani’s talent since childhood. But he said that he did not like the Natu Natu song in RRR movie. Is it actually a song? Where is the music in that? He made sensational comments. But fate is strange.. Keeravani expressed happiness that the hard work she put in all these years has paid off in the form of an Oscar.

One of the 5 thousand songs written by Chandra Bose? Is this a piece of music compared to the music given by Keeravani? He asked. Sivashakti Dutta praised Prem Rakshit’s choreography in Natu Natu song. Ram Charan and NTR danced brilliantly for this song. Rajamouli’s concept Adurs. Chandra Bose and Keeravani’s efforts have paid off in the form of a Natu Natu song.

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