She is playing with that Tollywood hero in the hood… !

In Tollywood, men are managers of heroes and heroines. The role of managers is prominent in the selection of a hero’s stories…directors…producers. Managers are a bit intelligent but they bring good stories and good producers to the heroes. Managers are very important in the career planning of heroes. Even heroines have mostly male managers. Most heroines give dates in their palms.

With which hero should the film be made? Managers also guide the heroines with which director to make a film. If the manager does not take the issue of a film to the heroine, there is nothing anyone can do. Middle managers are also earning hard. But now in Tollywood it is running in reverse in the case of an upcoming hero.

He is an upcoming hero.. but now that hero is completely controlled by his lady manager. At the end, the hero fell to the stage where he listened to whatever the lady manager said. After the first movie became a hit, the lady joined the manager Manodi Chenta. Since then that hero has no hits. That lady manager is putting him in the guppet and playing as she likes.

How is she doing everything from agreeing to finishing the film? If he says, he is doing so. In the end, even if the producers go to that hero, if the manager doesn’t say anything, the hero will not say S. Due to this, the director producers are thinking that this lady manager is a torturer. The shooting of a movie is going on recently.

While a scene was going on, the lady manager did not like the drop given to the hero. So she went there and asked them to erase the blob and start shooting, and all the people there were surprised. The director and the costumes take care of what to do for the actual scene.. But because of her doing this, now she is the talk of the Tollywood town.

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