Sharwanand: If you get a chance to time travel, would you go there.. Sharwanand’s interesting comments

Sharwanand got a hit after a long time. Sharwanand, who has been plagued with successive flops, recently got a good success with the movie Only One Life. This movie, which was made in the background of time travel, got good talk. Debutant Mr. Karthik has directed this movie. Amala Akkineni played a key role in this movie. The film released in theaters on September 9 and became a blockbuster hit. In this context, hero Sharwanand spoke to the media and shared the success of the film. We have made a sensible film. We strongly felt that the audience should definitely connect with the film. As we expected, the film connected with everyone, said Sharwa.

After making this film, I was more afraid of how the critics would react than the audience. It is easy to find logic in such stories. But luckily critics also liked the movie. Everyone liked it because of the strong content. Director Hanu said that this film should be shown more to children. We put on a special show for children. Enjoyed a lot. But now kids are very smart. When asked where they will go in time travel, they say that they will be in the present. All of them are enjoying their life comfortably. If I get a chance to time travel.. I will go to inter days. Happy days they are. There was no thought about tomorrow, no worry about the future. You have to hit the college bunk, go to the cinema and then go to the dhaba. This is the idea. Golden days indeed. I know Akhil since childhood. But the interaction with Amala and Nagarjuna started with this movie. He really looks like a third son. Sharvanand said I am lucky in this matter.

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