Shanmukh who gave a rod to Deepti Sunaina… Shannu introduced a new girl friend..!!

People who are active on social media need no new introduction about popular YouTuber Shanmukh Jaswant. He used to be the number one YouTuber. Punyamantu, who entered Bigg Boss, went to the number 2 position. Presently, Harsha is climbing to the number one place on YouTube. Once Shanmukha’s name was mentioned, people used to sway. He jumped on social media with a crazy fan following like the craze of star heroes in Tollywood.

Everyone knows that Shanmukh Jaswant, who gained popularity with many cover songs web series, is in love with his fellow YouTuber Deepti Sunayana. But Deepti Sunaina, who entered Bigg Boss, saw the way Shanmukh behaved with a fellow contestant, and broke up with him. It has been almost a year since the breakup. Many fans wanted this couple to meet again. But so far there are no such indications. Recently, once again, Shanmukh Jaswant shocked Deepti Sunayana on social media. Shanu took a sensational decision by introducing another girl as his partner on screen.

Shanmukh Jaswant has roped in a girl named Phani Poojita as a lover for his latest project. Recently, the first glimpse of “Ayyayo” was released. After breaking up with Deepti, there is a strong talk that Shanu is choosing other girls for his project. Deepti, who was supposed to romance Shanmukh as a lover, moved away with a heartache. There are also comments that Shanmukha, who has stopped cooling her, is busy romancing other girls. On the other hand, Deepti Sunaina also doesn’t care about Shanmukh at all.. She is busy with many projects, people are saying that the couple will not meet again. Some fans are saying that they will meet Shanmuk Deepti forever. Let’s see what decision this couple will take for the future..?

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