Shanmukh Jaswanth: Hey, what’s this.. Deepu feels so much.. Shanmukh’s romantic video has gone viral on the net.

YouTube star Shanmukh Jaswant has nothing special to say about his following. He entered the famous reality show Bigg Boss house and gained more craze. Although he looked like the favorite for the title, he settled for the runner-up due to some reasons. While Shanmukh’s behavior with Siri Hanmanth in the Bigg Boss house surprised many. His fans also criticized the behavior of Jaswant, who was already in a relationship with Deepti Sunaina. Annoyed by this, Deepti also put a stop to their long relationship and told Shannu to break up. She has announced that she wants to focus on her career and that she is no longer on social media. After that Shanmukh also said that he respects her decision. Later they got busy with someone else’s work. The two were nowhere to be seen as a couple. No one is making their own YouTube songs. Meanwhile, a video recently posted by Shannu is going viral on social media.

If we go into the details, Shanmuk released a romantic song video titled ‘Aiyayyo’. The music video is directed by Vinay Shanmukh and composed by The Fantasia Man. So far so good but.. in this Shannu acted full romantic with a girl named Fani Poojita. He got excited while kissing the girl. It has become a hot topic on social media. Seeing this, netizens are reacting differently. Shanmuk’s trademark dialogue ‘Hey.. what is it’ is raining comments. Posts are being made saying, ‘This is too much bro, Deepti will feel sad if she sees this video bro’.


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