Shakunthalam | Samantha fans are unhappy with Sakunthalam release date.. What did Dil Raju do like this..!

Shakunthalam Movie Release date | Samantha is playing the lead role in the movie ‘Sakunthalam’. The film directed by Gunasekhar is facing obstacles at every step. This movie, which started under Rendella, is yet to be released. The film team has announced many dates saying that then and now, but the dates are changing in the calendar, but the movie is not releasing. Last year in November, Guna Shekhar also released a video saying that this movie is definitely going to be released. But Samantha disappointed the fans by posting again.

Recently the film unit came to the audience with another new date. The film team has announced that the film will be released on February 17 as a gift for Maha Shivratri. But this release date will make Samantha fans tense. Because on the same day three more films conformed to the berth. Dhanush’s movie ‘Saar’ is going to release on the same day. As it is a project produced by Sitara’s company, the audience has good expectations about this movie. And ‘Das Ka Dhamki’ starring and directed by Vishwak Sen is going to release on the same day. Until now, there were not many expectations about this movie. But the trailer released last month brought good buzz about the film. Along with these, Kiran Abbavaram’s movie ‘Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha’ is also going to release on the same day.

There is not much buzz among the audience about this movie. But Geetha Arts will do some trick at the last minute and create huge hype on the movie. Shakunthalam is releasing in the midst of so many movies, it is a risk. Moreover, the budget of this movie is around 80 crores. Even if the budget of all those three films are combined, the budget of this one film will not be that much. Gunasekhar is the producer of this movie. Amid all these twists and turns, if Samantha fans have any satisfaction, it is Dilraj. Dil Raju is acting as the distributor for this movie. So compared to other movies, this movie has a chance to get more theaters. This movie will be released in 3D pan India.

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