Shakini Dakini: Regina, no matter how much Nivedha shows, the thrill is nil

Shakini Dakini directed by Sudhir Verma starring Niveda Thomas – Regina in lead roles. If you see the story of this movie, Shalini (Nivetha Thomas) and Damini (Regina) will join the police academy for police training. An ego problem arises between the two. But after some incidents these two become good friends. One night when they come out, they accidentally see a girl being kidnapped. What did Shalini and Dami do to save that girl? Who is behind this kidnapping? How did they find that girl? The story of this movie is that it was saved.

The story is a plus point for this movie. Along with the background of the story, the content and emotional scenes written by director Sudheervarma are good. The ego scenes between the two girls are also a plus for the movie. And Regina acted well in her role. Niveda also delivered some expressions well. Both entertain with their mark timing. Regina and Niveda showed a lot of variations in their acting.

Although the film story and characters are good, the director started the story very slowly. The first half is boring as a lot of time is wasted on introducing the characters. Since the movie runs on the same plot from the starting to the ending, it does not feel boring and interesting. Moreover, this movie seems to be away from commercial trends. The second half is also boring.

Sudheer Verma not only as a director but also as a writer has not done full justice to this movie. Even if there is not much concentration on the script of the movie. Music is the biggest minus of the movie. Cinematography is ok. This different movie, which came out as Shakini Dakini as a final, annoyed the audience with its slow narration and boring treatment.

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