Shah Rukh Khan: Will Shah Rukh Khan’s movie get delayed because of that star hero..

Recently, King Khan Shahrukh Khan got a huge hit with the movie Pathan. After a long time, Shahrukh got a hit with the movie Pathan. This movie has crossed Baahubali’s record.. somehow..! Shahrukh broke Baahubali’s record! They wanted to release another movie with the same Josh.. with the same Oop.. But because of our Kollywood star hero… they have become silent for once. Hot news in Beetown right now. So who is that Kollywood hero..

With Pathan.. with the collections earned by that movie.. Shah Rukh who shook Bollywood.. wanted to continue that mania. He planned to release his next movie as soon as possible. They also announced the official date of Jawan release on June 2. According to that, Jawan shooting is also running. But in this order, he has become a hot news that is being wailed in B town.

According to be town gossip.. There is a chance that Shahrukh Jawan’s release will be announced. That too is due to Kollywood star hero Dalapathy Vijay. Hero Vijay said OK to give a cameo appearance in Jaawan movie. But they are not able to give clarity in the matter of dates. But Vijay, who is currently shooting for Leo, will adjust the dates for Jawan once the first schedule of the film is complete. And due to this reason, there is a chance of changing the release date of this movie.

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