Shaakuntalam: The love song of Shakuntala and Dusyanthu in Rishivanam.

Shaakuntalam: The upcoming movie ‘Shaakuntalam’ in Tollywood has already created good expectations among the audience. This movie is directed by Gunasekhar based on ‘Abhijnana Sakunthalam’. The film unit has already said that star beauty Samantha Shakuntala will give her career best performance in this movie. The posters and trailer of this movie have increased the expectations of this movie.

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Meanwhile, the film unit has released a romantic song called ‘Rishivanamna’ from this movie. As the song is a crowd pleaser throughout, listeners are listening to this song over and over again. The audience says that the song is mesmerizing as Mani Sharma’s soulful composition is added to Srimani’s beautiful lyrics. And the way Sid Sriram and Chinmayi have sung this song together is very impressive.

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As this song increases the expectations of this movie, the fans are anxiously waiting to see this movie. In this movie, Samantha is playing the role of Shakuntala and Dev Mohan is playing the role of Dusyanthu. Mohan Babu, Aditi Balan, Ananya Nagalla, Prakash Raj and others are playing other important roles in this movie. The film is being produced by Neelima Guna and the film unit is getting ready to release this film on February 17 as a pan India movie.

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