Sesh request to the makers of hit 2 ‘Navalla Kawatluu.. I want a break’

Many heroes work hard day or night when a heart touching story comes near them. Traveling with the director.. looking into his imagination.. getting involved with his thoughts.. giving them a performance that pleases them.. They struggle physically and mentally. But recently Adushi Sesh also did the same in the case of ‘Major’ movie. In the story, we saw a hero who saved many lives from the terrorists. Entertained as Major Unni Krishnan in pan Indian range. And now the hero has filed an application saying that I need a little break. An open letter was released. S! Hero Nani turned producer and produced the third hit film – 2 The Second Case. Adushi Sesh is playing the lead role in this movie directed by Shailesh Kolanu. As ‘Cool Cop KD’.. Sesh will be seen in this movie with full attitude. Sesh requested producer Nani and director Shailesh that he could not come to the shoot of this film as only the final schedule was left.

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