Senior NTR: Does Senior NTR have such a crush on girls..??

Senior NTR: No matter how much can be said about Senior NTR. He is a great man. His services to the Telugu nation are indescribable. Also.. He also has a lot of faith in horoscopes. Believers in Vastu. At that time he also studied scholarship. He was very knowledgeable about scholarship. Vaastu Anna gave a lot of value to traditions and astrology. Be it the houses built by NTR, be it the studio or whatever, he used to ensure that it was according to the correct Vastu.

Whether he wanted to lay a foundation stone or make an entrance to a house, he used to do it with the poets of Tirupati Venkata. Even before his entry into the film industry, NTR came into the industry where he looked at his horoscope. So.. NTR also wrote the horoscopes of all his family at that time. Also.. Director Vithalacharya used to take suggestions in some matters. Once he told one thing to Vithalacharya. It is said that NTR has Gaja Rohana Yoga.

Vithalachary warned Senior NTR to stay away from women

Senior NTR: NTR who also took Vithalacharya’s advice

Gajarohana yoga means.. climbing to a higher position. Also.. it means getting more recognition. They thought that NTR, who is already busy in films, might excel in films. But it is known that he entered politics and became the Chief Minister. However..Vithalacharya..did not tell some things to NTR. They said to stay away from women especially, but Anna didn’t take it seriously. It is known that his whole life collapsed due to his second marriage.

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