Sekhar Movie: Shock to Jeevita Rajasekhar couple .. Court orders suspension of Shekhar movie screening

Jeevita-Rajasekhar couple in shock. The city civil court has ordered the suspension of ‘Shekhar’, a film starring Rajasekhar as the protagonist. With this, the movie show stopped in all the theaters. Financier Parandhamareddy has approached the court for non-payment of money due to him. The court set a deadline to deposit the money owed to him. However, due to no response from the couple, the court ordered the film to be stopped. Rajasekhar responded to the court verdict. Firey said his film was being obstructed by some conspiracy. He said that he worked very hard to make the film ‘Shekhar’.

‘Shekhar’ is a remake of the Malayalam hit ‘Joseph’. Jeevita-Rajasekhar couple’s eldest daughter Shivani played a pivotal role in this movie. Although small changes were made to the Nativity in Telugu as compared to the matrix .. an attempt was made to show the whole story as agitated. Released on the 20th of this month, the film has been well received. The film was well promoted by the Rajasekhar family. At a time when they think collections are okay .. the court order to stop showing the film is a big blow to them.

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