Sekhar Master: Family together like this.. Sekhar Master with son and daughter.. Video viral

Sekhar Master: Everyone knows how much fun Sekhar Master is with his family. Shekhar Master listened to his son and brought his daughter’s literature to the screen. Shekhar Master brought Jabardast, cash show and festival events. If you hear about it.. He gave a silver screen entry at the same time. Saira did a small scene in the movie. But the effect was strong. Recently, he has done a big role with the movie Nani i.e. Sundarani. That’s how Shekhar Master encourages his children’s interests. Son Vinni and daughter Sahithi are also dancing and Shekhar Master anchors it.

Shekhar also listens to all the iconic steps composed by the master and composes the lyrics. And the mischief these two do on social media is not normal. Both of them are buzzing in the YouTube channel called Shekhar Studio. Sometimes Shekhar Master also appears in Vinni and Sahitya videos. All the videos made by these three together also become viral. Shekhar Master spoke highly of his children on their entry into the industry. I tell them to do whatever they want.

Sekhar Master With Son Vinni And Daughter Sahithi Kalavathi Steps

If they are interested, they will come in films.. or they will do jobs.. He says that they like anything. Shekhar Master has recently taken steps with Kalavati. But do you think there is nothing new in it?.. This time she took steps after listening to her son and with her daughter Sahithi. The steps taken by these three together are now going viral.


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