Seen it countless times

‘Varsham’ was a huge success before the audience 18 years ago. This movie starring Prabhas and Trisha has been re-released recently. This movie is showing in the theater. This video clip is now going viral on social media by fans of Prabhas and Trisha. Actress Trisha reacted to the re-release of this movie. She posted on Insta…’My Telugu movie is back in theaters after 18 years. This movie seems like it happened yesterday. This is an example of how some movies last forever.
The first movie I liked was ‘Varsham’ movie. I have watched this movie countless times till now. It is your admiration that still drives me forward as a heroine’. Director Shobhan produced this film under the production of MS Raju. The film impressed the audience as a love story witnessed by the rain. Released on Sankranti 2004, the film was a huge success and brought Prabhas stardom and Trisha many opportunities in Telugu.

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