Sarkaru Vaari Paata: Sarkaru is the song editor who told the news to Mahesh fans ..

Sarkaru Vaari Paata is a movie starring superstar Mahesh Babu in the lead role. It stars Kirti Suresh opposite Mahesh. The film was produced by Maitree Movie Makers, GMB Entertainment, on 14 Reels Plus banners by Naveen Yerneni, y. Ravishankar, Ram Achanta and Gopichand are producing. The film, directed by Parashuram, has recently completed shooting. The film, which is set to release worldwide on May 12, is in full swing. The posters and songs already released from this movie got an amazing response. Mahesh fans are eagerly waiting for this movie. Star editor Marthand K. Venkatesh, who recently worked on ‘Sarkaru Vari Pata’, was mesmerized by the media.

When director Parashuram told this story .. How did you notice the difference between ‘Sarkaru Vari Pata’ and your previous films?

Director Parashuram Gary’s films are like family drama and feel good love story. But the government has more of the high voltage mass elements in their song. Geeta Govindam, Pokiri .. I have edited these two films myself. The government will have their song like this if these two films are combined. Beyond the hooligan the government will hit their song. The government has to feel good in their song. Everyone has a connecting message. Mahesh Babu is more beautiful in this movie than all the movies I have done. Fans, families and the masses will love this movie. The first half is youthful and the second half is full of family emotion and action.

Did Mahesh Babu get a lot of hits after Pokiri? Reason to compare with hooliganism again?
Hooligan is a movie I made as an editor. That’s why I liken it to a hooligan. Let’s just say the blockbuster hits when you see the hooligan rush. The government says they will cross the hooligan after seeing their song First Rush. In the first half of the movie the hero and heroine laugh at the tribe on the track. In the second half there was a small laugh where they met. Our guess is that this noise will be loud in the theater. For Mahesh Babu fans, the government wants their song to be a big festival.

Do you think Maitree Movie Makers, GMB Entertainments, 14 Reels plus US production is responsible for making the visuals look so grand?

Yes. I did films by director Parashuram Gary. But first time government worked on Maitri Movie Makers, GMB Entertainments, 14 Reels Plus for their song. Construction values ​​are wonderful. They all aim to make the film rich. There is no compromise anywhere in filmmaking. Their dedication to cinema is commendable. It was a very good experience.

Director Parashuram Gary’s films are classy. Does everything in Sarkar’s song look like mass so far?

It contains all the elements. We like hero and heroine characters. It would be nice to have a girl like this when we see the heroine character. Let’s connect with the hero character. If there is such a feeling when editing, we will judge that the movie is a super hit. The government was wonderfully connected to their song while editing. The film is sure to be a blockbuster.

How many movies have you done so far?

I have done 450 films so far. Prince with Mahesh Gari, Takkari thief, Pokiri, Sirimalle tree in Seethamma Wakit .. Now the government has done their song.

What is the difference between reel cutting and digital cutting?

The editor had respect in reel cutting. Anyone who wants to see should come into the editing room. Over it is hard work. We can’t make so many movies, we can make more movies because of digital. Doing ten movies a year is great in reel editing. Twenty movies a year can also be made after the advent of digital.

Reel said he had respect for the editor in editing. Does that mean there is no respect in digital?

Reel editing would have been the same version. The director and editor finalize the film together. The producers would listen to the story and decide who would be the hero. But now everything is in reverse.

Are you editing on the set now?

What is done on the set is not perfect editing. Do that until the scene. The final product goes from the screenplay editing room itself.

The director has been traveling with Parashuram for a long time. What changes have been observed in him then and now?

Parashuram is an excellent writer. Good dialogues are written. The hero and heroine characters are designed differently. The government will play the role of Mahesh Babu in their song. No such character has been seen in the intervening period. There is a lot of fun in hero characterization itself. I believe it will be a very big movie.

Director Parashuram is making his debut with a superstar like Mahesh Babu. What’s up with you after the story is okay?

Director Parashuram is very close to me. Geeta Govindam told me this story during the movie. Let’s just say it was awesome.

Mahesh Babu’s reaction after the government saw their song?

Everyone was very happy. The government will make their song a very big movie. Crosses the hooligan in the movies I did.

New names are heard in all technical disciplines. But in editing, only three names are heard. How did such a long career become possible? Is there a new generation coming into editing? Not letting up?
Not that generation, have we got to cross that generation too. Some are called Youthful Films. Does that mean we are not Youth? Are you in a coma? Let’s cross it. Age has nothing to do with cinema. The story can be told even better as we have passed that generation.

Does editing too many times make any difference to your judgment?

It will not be so. The first feeling we get when we see the rush is to connect.

There is a lot of discussion going on in the editor room. Does the director agree with the editor’s opinion?
Absolutely. Let’s fight for the movie. What we see in the auditorium we say in advance. All the directors I work with take my opinion.

Is there any movie that you strongly believe and despair of?

Shekhar Kammula Leader. We believe that this movie will be a big hit in political movies. But the response was not as timely as it was on TV.

Leakages increased after the rise of technology. What precautions are being taken on this?
We take only those who trust us well. Do not put strangers at all. The reason for this is leakage. Initially there was a reel. Only the reels printed in the editing room and lab should go. But now the output for everything goes away. That’s why we watermark everything including the date.

Inexperienced directors who even work for a movie are coming now. How about working with people like that?

As an editor we have minor issues. Fight Master wants to be the whole fight. The cameraman asks why the shot was not taken at the top angle. We take away that we don’t want the movie. Similar minor arguments take place. The final call is to the director.

How do you take criticism for editing?

Criticism is good. However it should be structured. It is said that it is better to reduce it to ten minutes. It does not say what to reduce, it does not say what scene is bad. Let’s think about it. We need a little help.

Editing for a big movie until the last minute. Does it increase stress?

The pressure is definitely on. Must go overseas three days in advance. I.e. should be given four days in advance. Directors have the urge to do something until the last minute. Saw ten times carefully and discusses it until the last moment. It has to be for every movie.

Will Pan India movies be shortened when they go abroad?

Nope. We will take songs for the movie that is going to the awards. An edit goes only to Indian languages.

What is your favorite movie of your career?

There is no such thing as a favorite. After watching some movies, it seems that it would be good if we make a movie like this.

What is the relationship between you and the editors?

There is a good attachment. Let’s talk about work. Let’s say our hardships. We appreciate each other if the movie does well.

What is the role of the editor in making a film a success?

If a director has a good relationship with the editor, it will be a very good film. The more arguments, the better the result.

Does the director choose the editor at his own discretion? Will the hero have to intervene?

It’s like a movie. Parashuram did the same for all the films except ‘Sarochchara’. The editor is strong if it goes on behalf of the director.

Is there any difference when watching Pan India movies in languages ​​other than Telugu?

There will be nothing like that. But there is a slight difference when it comes to the remake. The Malayalam scene is neat and sloppy. When done in Telugu, we did it in our style to suit the audience here.

Newly made movies?

Chiranjeevi is doing Gary Godfather, Bhola Shankar and Samantha as heroines for Yashoda movies.

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