Sapta sagaralu Daati (Side B) | The trailer of ‘Sapta Sagara Dati Side-B’ is an emotional ride

Sapta sagaralu Daati (Side B) | Sapta Sagaradaache Ello is a movie from Kannada that has stolen the hearts of the Telugu audience. After movies like KGF, Kantara, Charlie 777, it was this movie that impacted Telugu people so much. Rukmini played the lead role in this film starring Rakshit Shetty as the hero. Hemanth Raj directed this film. And this film was released on September 01 in Kannada and achieved good success. However, the same movie was released in Telugu on September 22 with the name Sapta Sagaralu Dati Side-A (Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati).. Here too it got positive talk.

But this is only the first part. While the fans are waiting to see when the second part of this movie will come, the makers recently announced the release date. And this second part Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati Side-B (Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati Side-B) is going to be released in three languages ​​along with Kannada on November 17. As the release date is approaching, the makers have released the trailer of this movie.

If you watch the trailer… it will be known that the story is about what happened after 10 years of Manu’s release from jail. And this second part of Saptha Sagara, Side-B will be released on November 17 in three languages ​​along with Kannada.

As far as the side-A story of this movie is concerned, Manu and Priya are two middle class people who fall in love and want to get married. They dream to get married and achieve a lot in life and grow great. Most importantly, they want to build a beautiful house by the sea and live happily with their family. But due to a wrong decision, their lives will turn upside down. Rakshit Shetty gets committed to jail. What happened after that? Why did Rakshit Shetty have to go to jail? Is Rakshit finally out of jail? This movie opened with the plot of

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