Sangeeta who rejected the love of that star hero.. Is there anything more poor than this..?

Love, dating and affairs are very common in the film industry. There are many hero heroines who fell in love and got married while shooting a movie. After that, there are Mudgummalu stars who got separated and got married to other heroes and heroines. But if a star hero proposes, there are very few heroines who are rejected. Andala Mudgumma Sangeet comes in that list. Not to mention Sangeetha, the heroine who entered the film industry with the Malayalam movie Gangotri.

She acted in many movies and entered the industry in her own style. She has gained popularity in Telugu by getting good opportunities as well. Meanwhile, the news that Kollywood star hero Vijay proposed to Sangeeta became a hot topic trend at that time. The main reason for that is that these two are best friends since childhood.

Moreover, that friendship has turned into a bit of love. But it is one sided love. Vijay loves music very much. Music also says the same thing. He proposed to music. However, Sangeeta did not love Vijay. In this sequence, Vijay, who did not want to trouble the girl he liked, started seeing Sangeet as a friend. They are still good friends. After that Vijay married his fan. Married a music star singer and settled down in life. Sangeeta stayed away from the film industry for a few days after her marriage. The second innings has just started..!!

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