Samyuktha Menon | Samyukta Menon says that if you act in big movies, you have to be secular to be in the industry.

Samyuktha Menon | Sanyukta Menon once again came close to the fans with ‘Sir’ saying ‘Master.. Master.. You have won my heart’. Sanyukta greeted the Telugu audience with the movie ‘Bhimla Nayak’ and won a place in the hearts of people with her beauty and acting. He talks deeply about life and the philosophy of life.

I am kerala kutti. Palakkad is my hometown. Schooling at Chinmaya Vidyalaya is over. I have done my degree in economics. After that, I used to eat popcorn and watch movies. In 2016, I really got introduced to the Malayalam audience with the movie ‘Popcorn’. What about ‘Bimbisara’? Currently acting in Tamil movie ‘Boomerang’. Listening to stories in Telugu. Are you going to act with a big hero? The details will be shared soon. Until then.. Silence please!

Even a banyan tree looks like a ghost with disheveled hair when a walker in the dark looks in terror. If you step boldly, it will look like a big army. Very encouraging. Why am I saying all this because initially I was afraid of Telugu. But I won it with confidence. Now speaking well.

Samyuktha Menon2

Samyuktha Menon2

I believe in the theory of karma. The good we do will save us. The evil we have done haunts us like a shadow. I think this word of Lord Krishna is literal truth. I will try to do as good as possible. If I cause trouble to someone by mistake, I immediately say ‘sorry’. I will make up for that loss in some way.

Every time working for big movies there is a problem. Tell us about your role in the media? Tell us about the story? They ask in a whisper. If you don’t say it, they think it’s ego. If you say it, leaks will come. They add something else to it and advertise it. Ultimately a loss for the film. At such times, I smile and say ‘next question please’ and escape. If you want to survive in the industry, you have to be secular.

Samyuktha Menon3

Samyuktha Menon3

My life experience has increased. I am stronger than before. Being able to tolerate criticism. I can’t say thank you enough to those who shower love on me. It is right to return the love they have given to them. It can be in any form.

Is life about achieving something? Becoming great? Living is not life. Live as many days as you can. to love Got love. Should be smiling and laughing. There is nothing like it in the world. This is the philosophy I believe in. Awards and rewards come according to our talent. But serenity depends on our mind.

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