Samantha’s second wedding photos went viral… clarity was given…!

A photo of heroine Samantha getting married for the second time is now going viral on social media. It’s been a year and a half since she divorced Naga Chaitanya, and recently, a garland of black beads, a big yellow rope around her neck is seen in a new avatar, and there is only one discussion on social media that she got married. Usually newly married women have a yellow rope around their neck. A garland of black beads is worn. Seeing this, Samantha started her second marriage secretly.

If we inquire what is the truth about this, Samantha did not get married for the second time. She was dressed like that for a movie shoot. Suffering from myositis, Samantha took some time off and joined the sets of Vijay Devarakonda’s Khushi. For a scene in this movie, she wore black beads and a yellow rope around her neck. It seems to be a wedding scene in the movie.

For this, Samantha mustabu, someone secretly took that photo and posted it on social media. With this, the news of Samantha’s second marriage is going viral. Actually this is Khushi’s getup for the movie. Samantha gave clarity as this news went viral. She said that now she is completely focused on films. She has no second thought except films.

Judging by what Samantha said, how is she now? No thoughts of marriage. After starting the second innings, Samantha should go on doing films consecutively. It took a long time to recover from this disease. She is currently acting in the movie Shakunthalam which will release on April 14. After that, along with Hollywood web series, she said OK for films in Bollywood and Kollywood, so Samantha will not get married now.

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