Samantha: ‘We are on the move .. you take care of your work’ .. Samantha responds to false news ..

Samantha: Needless to say, the divorce affair between Samantha and Naga Chaitanya has led to a lot of discussion in the film industry. Fans were shocked when the couple, who had turned their love affair into a marriage, put a full stop to their marriage. Their affair is not limited to the Telugu industry but has become a topic of discussion across India. Despite announcing that Tamiddar was splitting by consensus, the issue is still being debated. Some of the posts that occasionally target Samantha are still going viral.

Samantha has recently responded to some similar news. Gave a creepy counter to those who trolled him. Samantha tweeted about this .. ‘If there are any rumors about girls they believe it is absolutely true. If there are rumors about the same boy, it is said that the girl did them. Grow still. We forget old memories and move on. You go ahead too. Focus on your work and your families. ‘

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