Samantha: Wanting that house, Samantha bought it at a higher rate.. Murali Mohan’s comments are interesting

There is always a news about Tollywood beauty Samantha doing rounds in the media circles. After Akkineni broke up with Naga Chaitanya, various rumors about Sam are emerging. This girl who fell in love with Akkineni’s young hero Naga Chaitanya and later got separated from him. After marriage, Sam chose Achituchi films. After the divorce, it is getting agitated. Shaking social media with hot photos. It is also going fast in terms of movies. Apart from Telugu and Tamil languages, Sam is getting opportunities in Bollywood. Recently, a news related to Sam is now going viral. Recently, senior actor Murali Mohan said interesting things about Samantha Naga Chaitanya.

Murali Mohan said Naga Chaitanya – Samantha bought our house after marriage. Both are together after marriage. After that another house was bought. Unexpectedly, the house was sold. But Murali Mohan said that they said that they will stay here until the new house they bought is being remodeled. After that the two separated. Samantha tried somewhere outside. But Sam did not like where the house was, so she came and asked if she wanted to come back to our house. But those who have already bought said that they cannot sell the house. But without listening, Samantha paid more money and bought that house. Murali Mohan said that now she is staying in that house with her mother.

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