Samantha | Samantha revealed the reason why she had to do an item song in Pushpa

Samantha | Samantha’s item song in the movie Pushpa became a sensation at that time. Everyone was surprised that Samantha would take such a decision when she was emerging as a star heroine in Tollywood. But what about… Samantha reveals the interesting facts behind saying OK to the song. Samantha, who participated in the conclave-2024 organized by India Today, also made interesting comments on her personal matters.

Samantha says that doing the song Ooo Antava Mava in Pushpa’s movie is like playing the role of Raji in Familyman web series. At that time it felt better not to have anyone around to ask for advice. She said that because making mistakes. She said that she had to do the item song in order to explore herself. Oo Antawa said that she trembled with fear after seeing the first shot.

Samantha revealed that at that time she never had confidence in herself. She said that this made her feel very uncomfortable. Not only in terms of glamour.. She said that she faced many difficult situations to reach this level. But she said that she overcame her problems one by one while growing up as an actress. She said that she is still fighting to overcome them. In a way, he said that he got an opportunity to end the demons that remained inside him. Samantha says that the Citadel web series was also shot under very difficult conditions. She said that she faced many challenges at that time. But now she said how proud she is of herself.E
But when the media asked if she will do special songs again, she said that she will not do it again. It made it clear that the challenge was not that big for him now.

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