Samantha : Samantha Guts.. You can’t help but say Hatsoff after hearing this..!

Samantha: Samantha shines as a Tollywood star heroine. No matter how many problems Samantha faces personally, her career will take off. Achituchi entertains fans by doing projects. After her divorce with Naga Chaitanya, she was somewhat upset, but later recovered and entertained herself by doing films again. Recently came to the audience with `Yashoda’, this film fetched good collections. It must be said that after O Baby, Samantha scored a good hit with another lady oriented film. I must say that her acting in this is also amazing.

And the movie Shakunthalam starring Samantha is about to release. Currently, Samantha is acting in the movie “Khushi” with Vijay Deverakonda. Apart from that, she will do several projects in Bollywood with a series with Varun Thawan. But while this lady is known to gently reject crazy projects, everyone is surprised to hear this.. It was Samantha who was first asked for Shankar’s “I” movie with Chiyan Vikram. But for some reasons, she gently said no. And Sukumar..Samantha asked before Srivalli in “Pushpa”. But due to unavoidable reasons, Samantha also dropped that offer.

Samantha rejects crazy offers

Samantha : Daring and dashing..!

It is said that there is no regret in Samantha who rejected the Pan India movie. Recently, Samantha got an opportunity to act in another pan India movie. While Atlee Kumar was shooting the movie ‘Jawaan’ with Shahrukh Khan, Sam was approached as a pair of Shahrukh Khan. But it is known that the offer was also dropped due to personal reasons. Another heroine is not one to refuse such good offers. But Sam is not like that, she chooses any film she can do and moves forward. Some fans say hats off to Sam Guts for seeing any crazy offers.

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