Samantha: Naga Chaitanya who hit the reverse blow without meeting Samantha lying on the bed?

Samantha: Naga Chaitanya and Samantha entertained Akkineni fans as a beautiful couple. The two fell in love together for a few years and got married. But after 3 years of marriage, they took care of each other. They shocked everyone with the announcement that they are taking divers without letting the quarrels between the two come out. Samantha went into deep depression after getting separated from Chaitu. But it is known that recently Samantha got a disease called myositis. Samantha is currently undergoing treatment for this disease.

While waiting for Naga Chaitanya to come to meet her on the other side of the bed, when he doesn’t come, he tries to blow her career. What has happened so far is that Samantha bought the rights of a Malayalam movie that she wanted to do with the Annapurna banner instead of her. This was also done at the time when Samantha was suffering from this disease. It is known that Samantha, who did not expect Naga Chaitanya to do this, is deeply unhappy with him. Samantha, who is increasing her graph again despite the many blows she has suffered in her career, is currently making every effort to get out of the disease.

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It is said that Samantha, who is undergoing treatment in the hospital, is getting better day by day. But the doctors told Samantha that she should focus on her health instead of thinking about career and movies for a couple of months. But it is known that Samantha was sad to know about that Malayalam movie. And it remains to be known whether Naga Chaitanya did this on purpose or it just happened. In any case, it is said that the blow that Samantha received at this time is not normal.

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