Samantha – Naga Chaitanya : Are we going to see Samantha-Naga Chaitanya together.. Anand is different..!

Samantha – Naga Chaitanya: Tollywood sensation Samantha needs no special mention. She came to the industry without any background and rose to become a star heroine within her time. Samantha’s greatest trait is her straightforwardness. In her growing days, she made sensational comments on the remunerations of heroes. No one wants to get stuck in such controversies when their career is at its peak. But Samantha also interacted with them. Samantha, who fell in love with Naga Chaitanya during E Maya Kalave, later got married and got divorced last year. The couple broke up on October 2, 2021, and many tried to reconcile the two.

Samantha – Naga Chaitanya : I hope it happens..

But as none of the two moved forward positively, the divorce was confirmed. Divorced Samantha is currently 35 years old. That means if she gets married she should do it immediately. Otherwise there will be an age bar. Samantha has no plans to get married anymore. Some media outlets reported that Samantha had a hysterectomy to avoid marriage. A sensational news has recently made the rounds that she has decided not to marry, have children and stay single for the rest of her life. But some are fixed that it is a rumour.

Samantha Naga Chaitanya Will Meet Again

Samantha and Naga Chaitanya’s eyes met during the movie What Maya Chesave. After that you talked together.. those words became friendship .. that friendship became love .. that love went to marriage. They got married in Goa for two days. But it must be said that the film E Maya Kalava is special in the lives of both of them. Now Gautham Menon is planning a sequel to this film. Talks are heard that talks have been held between the two and it is OK that means the sets will go up soon.
Many fans are very happy to hear this news.

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