Samantha in the bedroom scene… is the ring cut off…!

After a gap, Samantha entered the sets of Vijay Deverakonda’s Khushi. She was suffering severely from myositis for the past four to five months. She is now recovering from this disease and has returned to film shooting. It is known that she is currently playing the lead role in the Indian version of the Hollywood web series Citadel.

We are seeing how much excitement Priyanka Chopra’s role is creating in America. Now that Samantha has done the same role, it seems that it is ready to make a big fuss in India as well. This is going to be a very prestigious project in Samantha’s career. If it clicks, there will be no one to stop Samantha in the second innings.

There are many heroines in India.. but this chance came after looking for Samantha.. What level of faith do the makers have for this? It seems Acting in Citadel is not enough… Samantha has a lot to do. This is a real challenge in Samantha’s career. Samantha acted in many daring scenes for this series.

But now he has to act in more daring scenes for this citadel. Samantha has already done liplock scenes with heroes in many movies. In the movie Pushpa, we have seen how booming the item song is. Samantha is always two steps ahead when it comes to skin show and cleavage show. But now for Citadel, bedroom scenes and bathroom scenes should also be excited.

All these are not scenes that are managed with dupe.. they should be acted as original. Moreover, there should be realism in these scenes.. they should be blood-curdling… Priyanka Chopra has never been able to act in such scenes. To her they are like Jujube. But Samantha should bare more in these scenes.. otherwise the scenes will not be ripe. If so, she should be ready to face a lot of criticism tomorrow.

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