Samantha: Even if there is a fatal disease.. Samantha’s big decision for Naga Chaitanya..!

Samantha : Sometimes it means that if we think one thing, time decides one thing. This is well proven in the case of Samantha. After divers, Ammadu works hard to regain his former glory. During this time, she is doing a series of films. Just then she got a terrible disease and disturbed all the plans. Moreover, it put the career at risk. Samantha’s myositis is one in a million. Unfortunately that one being Samantha hurt everyone.

From the time she posted a message about her illness, all her fans are very confused. It is known that specialists have come from Germany and are providing treatment for Samantha. Her ex-husband Naga Chaitanya has not given any response in this regard. But it is said that Chaitu called and spoke to Samantha even if she did not come out. If this is the case, Samantha, who thinks that Chaitanya still loves her, wants to meet Naga Chaitanya again after her illness subsides. Naga Chaitanya also did not make any negative comments on Samantha.

samantha wants to get back for naga chaitanya

They are doing their work silently while claiming to be divers. That’s why Samantha thinks again and wants to continue her life with Chaitanya again. It is known that she will take her final decision after her illness subsides. When Samantha was diagnosed with myositis, Sushant and Akhil from the Akkineni family responded and wished her a speedy recovery. It is said that Naga Chaitanya is also making necessary arrangements for Samantha’s treatment. Film Nagar talk is that this love couple will be reunited again due to this disease.

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