Samantha: After treatment, Samantha was seen in a bikini in the Maldives.. the video has gone viral..!!

Samantha: She is undergoing treatment for a rare disease called Myositis.. Samantha is known to have recently participated in the Glimpse program related to the movie “Sakunthalam”. There were many tears at that time. Earlier it was seen that Mumbai airport was very much stuck. There were extremely negative comments saying that Samantha had lost all her glow. At that time, the Bollywood hero got angry at those who made negative comments. Meanwhile, Samantha’s latest bikini in Maldives

Yoga exercises were done wearing it. Unlike in the past, it looks very fit in the video. In the latest photo shoot, Samantha’s thighs and breasts are being highlighted a lot. Samantha regained her glow in no time after taking the powerful treatment. It is known that Samantha was confined to bed for about two to three months as she was diagnosed with a rare disease called myositis in the fourth stage which was fatal.

Samantha Stunning Yoga Workouts at the Beach on video

As a result, Samantha looked very lethargic during the recent “Shakunthalam” media conference during the promotion program of “Yashoda”. But within a few days, now Samantha has all her “glow” like before and looks very fit, fans are happy. Bikini photos at waterfalls are more impressive. I want to recover soon and get busy in the movie.. Samantha’s Maldives bikini photo and yogasana videos are receiving comments.

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