Sakini Dakini Kahani

Regina Cassandra and Niveda Thomas are playing lead roles in the movie ‘Shakini Dakini’. Director Sudhir Varma is directing the Telugu remake of the Korean film ‘Midnight Runners’. Suresh Babu, Sunita Tati and Hyunu Thomas Kim are jointly producing. The movie is getting ready to release on 16th of this month. The features of the film were told in the newly organized program. Actress Regina Cassandra said…’We have made a Korean film to appeal to our audience. It has action comedy along with a good message. Niveda and I tried to impress you together’ she said. Niveda Thomas said…’When I heard this story, I felt confident that the film would be a success. Me and Regina have acted in new roles which have not been seen before. “We have a fun relationship with a lot of irritation,” she said. Producer Tati Sunitha said that how two trainee policemen deal with a crime will be interesting in this film.

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