SaiPallavi | Weddings at Sai Pallavi’s house.. Engagement celebrations begin!

SaiPallavi | The wedding ceremony started at Sai Pallavi’s house. Sai Pallavi’s younger sister Pooja Kannan is going to get married soon. Having already convinced the elders, she is ready to marry her boyfriend Vineeth. The engagement also took place in this order. Pooja Kannan informed about this on Instagram. She shared some photos saying that the engagement celebrations have started. Pooja Kannan looked very happy with mehndi on both hands. Pooja Kannan shared pictures of her enjoying with her elder sister Sai Pallavi on Instagram.

Pooja Kannan, who has been in love for many years, recently introduced her boyfriend Vineeth on Instagram during Pongal. It also gave a hint that the elders have agreed to their marriage and that their marriage will take place soon. ‘ This cute little button taught me how to love selflessly. He taught us to be patient in love. He is Vineet. Till yesterday my partner in crime.. now my partner. I love you’ was written on Insta.

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