Sai Pallavi: South star Sai Pallavi, who is badly trapped by giving statement on Kashmiri Pandits, case registered in police, know what is the matter

Sai Pallavi, a well-known actress of the South film industry, is now seen surrounded by controversies. Nowadays Sai is in discussion for his upcoming film Virat Parvam. Actress Sai Pallavi is also promoting her film in full swing. But recently Sai Pallavi has come into controversy due to the statement given by her. Recently, during one of her interviews, actress Sai Pallavi said something about Kashmiri Pandits, after which a controversy has erupted on social media. This dispute increased so much that a case was registered against him.

Case registered against Sai Pallavi

Meanwhile, let us also tell you that a case has been registered against actress Sai Pallavi after her statement to Kashmiri Pandits. It may be noted that the leaders of Bajrang Dal have filed a case against actress Sai Pallavi in ​​Sultan Bazar police station. Let us tell you that there is anger among people about whatever actress Sai Pallavi said in the interview. Apart from making a statement regarding the film ‘The Kashmir Files’, the actress has also been accused of making controversial statements towards Gau Rakshak.

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Police will take action after watching the video

A statement has also come from the police side after registering a case against actress Sai Pallavi. The police say that they will first watch the video, only after which they will take any action on it. Along with this, legal opinion will also be taken on the matter. Let us tell you that in her latest interview, Pallavi has compared the scenes of atrocities shown on Kashmiri Pandits and their murder in the Bollywood film ‘The Kashmir Files’ with mob lynching. In an interview given to a YouTube channel, Sai Pallavi said- ‘I grew up in a neutral environment. I have heard a lot about Left Wing and Right Wing. But I cannot say who is right and who is wrong.

What Sai Pallavi Said Next?

Sai continued his point and said that in the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ it has been shown how Kashmiri Pandits were killed. At the same time, some time ago a Muslim man carrying a cow was brutally beaten up and asked to raise religious slogans. This is also violence in the name of religion. Now what is the difference between these two events? Sai Pallavi further told that his family has always taught him to be a good person. The actress said that you need to protect the victims.

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