Sai Pallavi : Sai Pallavi – Pushpa 2 .. They say there is no bigger lie than this!

Sai Pallavi : Stylish star Allu Arjun is currently acting in ‘Puspa 2’. In this order, a crazy rumor came out. There are reports that Sai Pallavi is going to play the heroine in this movie. Rashmika Mandana played the heroine in the first part. She will continue as the heroine in the second part as well. But there are reports that Sai has created a new role for Pallavi in ​​this film, she said OK when she was offered this role and the shooting will start soon. Allu Arjun and Sai Pallavi combination is going to be crazy

Sai Pallavi Pushpa 2 big rumour

Fans are also getting excited. However, when one of the members of the Pushpa 3 film unit was asked whether this news is true or not, he said that it is all a rumor and there is no chance of another heroine role in this. Actually, it seems that there is no chance of Sai Pallavi acting in this movie. I don’t need to tell you how Sai Pallavi’s performance will be. Such a thing is not common if Sukumar acts in a film. Then Rashmika Mandana’s character will definitely disappear. Fans say that Sai Pallavi has the ability to dominate Rashmika Mandana.

Pushpa 2 Makers To Bring In Sai Pallavi With Allu Arjun Shifting The Focus From Rashmika Mandanna?  The Whole Crew Thinks This About It!

If Sai Pallavi acts in this movie, all the focus will go on her. Then there is a possibility that the roles of hero and villain will be reduced a little. Anasuya played an important role in this movie. Also in the second part that character is going to be more powerful. Then there will be no need to create another character for Sai Pallavi. But in this movie there will be an item song for sure. It is known that like Samantha in the first part, the second part will have an item song with a star heroine.

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