Sai Pallavi: Sai Pallavi hot comments on dance shows.. What is it?

Sai Pallavi: The beauty Sai Pallavi, who made her debut as a heroine in Tollywood with the movie ‘Fida’, got a huge craze with that movie. Tollywood fans crowned Amma with just one movie. After that, her films in Tollywood, her natural acting and looks brought her closer to the audience. But lately this beauty has been choosing a lot of different subjects.

Sai Pallavi: Saying “A day that will never come again”… Sai Pallavi!

Not only in Telugu but also in other languages, Ammadu is showing her talent by making movies. But since Sasemira joined Sai Pallavi’s glamor show, she has been doing very few films. However, in her career, this beauty seems to be playing roles that are not part of the glamor show. However, in a recent interview, she made many interesting comments on dance shows. She said that she has no interest in the current dance shows. Only kids who have money and leverage are given opportunities and awards in dance shows.

Sai Pallavi: Bonamettina Sai Pallavi.. Photo going viral..

Currently, some dancers are angry over Sai Pallavi’s comments. They are angry that she seems to have forgotten that once Sai Pallavi also participated in dance shows. However, many people are commenting that Sai Pallavi has opened a new controversy.

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