Sai Pallavi is another work..? Are you so excited mother?

Ento .. It is not understood why this Sai Pallavi is doing it and how it is doing it. And especially in the recent times in the industry Sai Pallavi’s name is going viral in which range everyone knows very well. Sai Pallavi, who was once tagged as a lady power star, is now subjected to huge trolling on social media, and the reason for this is the worst decisions she has taken, say Sai Pallavi’s fans.

We know that from the beginning Sai Pallavi will stick to her decision. It is the intention of the fans that the heroine should be able to do any kind of opportunities in the industry but Sai Pallavi has changed those calculations. I will act according to my will.. I will make films if I like.. She pushed back many big offers that came as foolishness. Recently, Sai Pallavi politely rejected the offer of Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s movie “Ustadat Bhagat Singh”.

The character is not vulgarity .. the character has a strong point. But Sai Pallavi’s main reason for rejecting this movie is that Sai Pallavi’s character will only have a short time in this movie. In the past, Sai Pallavi has openly said in many interviews that she will do the role even if it is small, if there is content. And there is a new debate about why Sai Pallavi rejected such a role. The makers of the film have openly said that they have rejected Tunivu, Leo..films in the past. In this order, it becomes a trend to reject a star hero movie like Sai Pallavi – Pawan Kalyan. Due to this, Sai Pallavi is being trolled by some people on social media..!!

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