Sai Pallavi | Harassment not only with hands but also with words is tantamount to harassment: Sai Pallavi

Sai Pallavi In Nijam With Smitha Talk Show | OTTs have grown in popularity recently. OTT has become a big trend for many small films that did not see a theatrical release. Not only movies but also web series and talk shows have become a platform for many entertainment programs. On the other hand, popular singer Smitha will host a talk show called ‘Nijam with Smitha’ similar to the ‘Unstoppable’ talk show that has impressed the Tollywood audience. This talk show which is streaming on SonyLive is getting a good response. Film celebrities like Chiranjeevi, Nani, Rana, Sudhir Babu have already come to this talk show. Sai Pallavi recently came as a guest on this show.

Sai Pallavi episode was released on Friday. Within a few hours of its release, it will hit with good views. In this episode, Sai Pallavi shared her personal stories with her fans along with movies. While talking about the movie ‘Love Story’ in which she acted in this episode, Sai Pallavi said that even if she bothers others with words and not with her hands, it is equal to harassment. I, my sister, mother and uncle were all victims of abuse. She revealed that she did not see a single girl who was not harassed.

Irrespective of age, everyone is affected by such things and everyone has this pain. But how to tell this to them at home? Would you believe me? Or? She said that such people would hesitate and show the love story movie in which I acted.

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