Sai Pallavi: Bonametthina Sai Pallavi.. Virataparvam director’s tweet trending on the net

Bonalu 2022: Bonalu festivals are considered as a symbol of Telangana culture and traditions. On these special days, women are very beautiful and offer bonas to Goddess Mustabai. So today (July 24) Ashadam bona is being celebrated in Bhagyanagar. Along with the common people, celebrities from various fields are offering bonas to Amma. Meanwhile, Bonala festivals are also a main point for movie people. Many movies have already featured scenes and songs related to these festivals and have impressed. In the recent Virataparvam movies, director Venu Oodugula has shown that the culture of Telangana people has been blindfolded with bona scenes. Daggurati Rana and Sai Pallavi acted as heroines in this movie. In one scene in the film, actress Sai Pallavi wears a Langavoni and lifts a bonam to make Acha Telugu stand out. These scenes are the highlight of the movie.

Director Venu shared the stills of Sai Pallavi from the movie Virataparvam on social media in celebration of the Bonala festival. Mokku Bonala festival is a celebration of Telangana girls for rural life culture, nature and environment! This is the flag of the existence of the people of Telangana,’ he said, wishing everyone a Happy Bonala Festival. He added the hashtag #Happybonam to his post. Currently this tweet is going viral on the net.

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