Sai Dharam Tej: Sai Dharam Tej has got an update from the new movie… Interesting Story Line‌ ..

Sai Dharam Tej: Mega nephew Sai Dharam Tej, who retired after years due to a bike accident, has fully recovered. Now he is busy with cinema again. Currently, Tej‌ 15th movie is shooting fast. ‘Bham Bolenath’ fame Karthik Varma’s director Sukumar’s participation in the production of the film has raised expectations for the film. Sukumar is also credited with providing the screenplay and story for the film. Meanwhile, the film unit has released an update from the film, which is already 30 per cent done shooting.

Released a photo of the shooting spot. This photo of Sai Dharam discussing with some people among the trees in the forest is intriguing. Meanwhile, an interesting piece of news related to this film is now going viral. The gist of the news is that the film will be based on witchcraft. The hero arrives in a village where some people mysteriously die under the name of witchcraft.

Why are deaths occurring in the original village.? News is coming in that the story will be based on how the hero solves the real truth behind those mysteries. The recently released poster also seems to have bolstered the news. We will have to wait for the movie trailer to know how much truth there is in this news which is going viral again.

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