Sai Dharam Tej | Lights and Shadows..Saidhram Tej is back

Mega hero Sai Dharam Tej was injured in a road accident last year and is recovering. The young hero had been away from the shooting for several days due to an accident. Sayidharam Tej, who has fully recovered after the release of the Republic, has recently launched his 15th project. The film, which will be SDT 15, is reported to have completed 30 per cent shooting in just 25 days. Sai Dharam Tej was determined to complete the rest of the filming with the same energy.

The same thing was reported by the makers through a poster. Nettinta shared a still taken during the shooting. Sayidharam and Team Shadows appear in the light of the lights coming from among the trees. Movie pundits say that the movie is going to be a mystery thriller with this still. Directed by Karthik Dandu, the film is being screened by BVSN Prasad and Director Sukumar under the banner of SVCC, Sukumar Writings.

Shyam Dutt Zainuddin works as a cinematographer. This is the first time that Sayidharam is making a film in the thriller genre. The pre-release poster that has just been released is intriguing to everyone. When will this movie come out to the audience ..? Movie lovers are looking forward to that.

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