Sadly..did Prabhas drowned in that craze..? They are what I thought they were doing to me..!!

Prabhas, who left Tollywood with high hopes for Bollywood, faced a bitter experience. Prabhas, who earned a name as a superstar rebel hero in Tollywood.. has earned a good name by acting in films here. Thus, he acted in the Baahubali movie and simultaneously gained popularity at the pan-India level. In this sequence, after hearing hot comments on Prabhas’s physique in Bollywood, Prabhas, who was carved there, was left with a bitter result.

Even if Prabhas’s movies flop while acting in Telugu movies, his performance gets good marks. But Prabhas’ fans say that the moment he entered Bollywood, Shani has been following him ever since. We know what kind of trolling is happening on Aadi Purush movie. Rebel fans are worried about how Prabhas accepted this movie. In addition to this, Prabhas’s name is being trolled on social media as the other heroes are promoting the Hanuman teaser which was released recently as a thousand times better than Aadi Purush.

Trolls are being heard loudly about Aadi Purush’s graphics. Meanwhile, the teaser of Hanuman starring Tollywood young hero Teja was also released yesterday. This teaser in this sequence has impressed the audience immensely. People are saying that this is what real graphics are. Netizens are saying the same thing about these two teasers. Hanuman teaser is 1000 times better than Prabhas Adi Purush. It has quality graphics and content.

In this order, Tollywood star heroes are also promoting Hanuman teaser in a range. With this, it has become a sensation that Prabhas, who entered Bollywood with crores of hopes and received crores of remuneration, was indirectly trolled by his fellow heroes. Moreover, Prabhas’s fans are feeling hurt that even the heroes who are friends of Prabhas are trolling Aadipurush. Anyway, one thing is true, Rebel fans are suffering saying that they are destroying Prabhas completely..!!

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