Sadaa : It’s better to be single than to be forced into relationships.. Sadaa comments.. Don’t get married??

Sadaa : Sadaa made her debut in Telugu with Jayam and has done many films in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada. At one time the star grew into a heroine. Sada, who once did a series of films as a heroine, has now become a senior heroine and is doing films and serials as a character artist. Occasionally shines in TV shows. Even after 38 years, this Bhama is still not married. If asked about marriage, she says let’s see.

A recent post by Sada has gone viral. Recently, a few days ago, Sada went to the forest for a vacation and shared a video taken there. Share this video.. ”Why are those people afraid that they will leave because they are stuck in the bonds of need. It is better to stay away from those whom we think are close if they do not like us. You are the only companion in your life. Many people come and go in life.”

“Don’t bother your life about such people. You don’t have to try to get close to someone you don’t like. It’s not good for you to worry about those who can’t stand you. Sometimes it is better to get rid of such people from our life. Don’t waste your life on wrong people. It is better to be alone than to be stuck in forced bonds,” she emotionally posted.

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This post has become viral. Who hurt her so much by seeing Sada’s post? Who is that person who left Sada Life? Will Sada ever be alone? don’t get married Who is the email addressed to? Netizens are making comments.

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