Sada : Sada was badly cheated in his hands.. that’s why she didn’t get married till now..?

Sada : Sada, the grandmother who was introduced to the Telugu screen with the movie Jayam, is still unmarried. From Jayam to Torchlight in 2018, Sada has done various films and it is known that the reason why he is still not married is that he is a star hero. Sada, who became a star craze in Telugu and Tamil, belongs to a Marathi family and settled in Mumbai. She was selected as the heroine after seeing Teja while she was working as a model. Both Nitin and Sada entered the silver screen simultaneously with Jayam.

After this movie Sada also acted in Chiyan Vikram’s Aparichitudu. She fell in love with a star hero when her career was at its peak. She also proposed marriage to him from her side. But it is said that the hero did not show much interest. But if you do, you have to do it as a hero and you have always remained a bachelor. Who is that hero whom Sada has always loved? It is not known why Sada took such a decision. Recently, Sada, who made noise in Dhi Show, is looking to get busy in movies again.

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After realizing that her craze which was once there did not work out, she started acting in Ammadu roles as well. However, Sadaki did not get crazed. Now Malli is looking to get busy in films, Sada says that she will do any kind of film if given a chance. Let’s see how much the efforts will bear fruit. While Sadaki still has a super following, if Ammadu does a series of films, her fans say it’s a festival for them. Even though this matter has been told all these years, the identity of that hero is still not revealed. It can definitely be said that Sada will reveal the name of that hero in the future.

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