Saakini Daakini Movie : Did Saakini Daakini Movie Meet Audience Expectations..?

Saakini Daakini Movie : Saakini Daakini movie has come before the audience. Directed by Sudhir Verma, this film has divided the talk from the morning show. This movie is made in lady oriented purpose. Niveda Thomas and Regina Cassandra acted together in this movie. Niveda Thomas played the role of Shalini in the movie.. Regina played the role of Damini. As far as the story is concerned, both the heroines will join the police academy for training.

Saakini Daakini Movie : Where is the flaw in the story..

An ego problem arises between Shalini and Damini, who join the academy for police training. After some incidents, these two become good friends. One night when the heroines go out, a girl is accidentally kidnapped. Both of them watch it together. Then what did Shalini and Damini do to save her? Who is behind this kidnapping? That’s the plot of the movie.. There are some pluses and some minuses in terms of the movie. Especially the story is a plus for the movie. The scenes written by the director are good. Also, Regina has acted well in her role. Niveda also delivered some expressions well.

Did Saakini Daakini Movie Reach The Expectations Of Audience

Both of them brought life to the movie with their performance. Although the film’s story and characters are good, director Sudhir Varma starts the story very slowly. A lot of time is wasted in the introduction of the characters in the movie. This made the first half very slow. The audience will feel a bit bored as the movie runs on the same plot from the starting to the ending. Even in the second half, the heroine’s elevation scenes are nowhere to be seen.

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