RRR’s ‘Natu-Natu’ created history like this, the song was shot in 2 months rehearsal and 20 days

RRR Golden Globe Award Song Naatu Naatu: Film RRR songs of grandchildren But today the people of the country and the world are tired. Recently this song International Award 2023 Golden Globe has won. The sting of the film RRR is playing all over the world including India. The film has also been included in the Oscar 2023 race. Junior NTR and Ramcharan have done brilliant acting in SS Rajamouli’s film RRR. As soon as the film’s song Natu-Natu plays, people’s feet start shaking, but do you know this song was prepared keeping in mind very special planning and some things. Before shooting the song full of great dance and energy, rehearsals had to be done for more than 2 months.

Natu-Natu’s choreography was challenging

The song Natu Natu has been choreographed by well-known choreographer Prem Rakshit of South. Natu Natu means dance. Ram Charan and Junior NTR are doing a great dance in the song. After receiving the award for the song, the film’s choreographer Rakshit said- ‘For the song, director Rajamouli said that Junior NTR is like a tiger and Ram Charan is like a tiger, so the song should reflect that and also ensure that Make sure they both dance together as this is the most important part of the story.

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Choreographer Prem Rakshit said that filming the dance for the song was very challenging. Rajamouli said the focus should be on the actors, the rhyme between them, their energy. When they dance together, the people dancing in the background should not be noticed, it distracts’

Natu Natu song shot in 2 months rehearsal and 20 days

This spectacular song of RRR was shot on the background of the President’s official residence in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, which was quite challenging. We rehearsed for about 2 months before the shooting of the song. It took about 20 days to complete the shooting of the song.

Actually it is easy to work with a star, but in this song you had to work with two superstars together. Both had different styles, which was really challenging to mold together into one energy. Before the shooting of Natu-Natu, I had prepared the dance by combining the experiences of both in the same scale. In this song, 110 moves were prepared for both the actors.

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