RRR Oscar Special: Rajamouli who is going to fulfill the wish of fans..another sensation in Telugu history..!!

Hammayya finally won the Oscar award which was weighted by 130 crore people. RRR movie received Oscar award for the first time in Indian film history. Director Rajamouli’s film won the Oscar just a few hours ago. In the original song category, the Natunatu song received an Oscar award. Along with Rahul and Kalabhairava, Chandra Bose, who wrote the song lyrics, and Keeravani’s name has been doing the rounds on social media.

Moreover, now everyone is using RRR’s Natu Natu song as a caller tune. While the fans of this series are going to fulfill Rajamouli’s wish, the news will go viral on social media. As mentioned earlier, if RRR wins the Oscar award, Rajamouli has promised the fans that he will direct RRR 2. Similarly, Rajamouli will soon make an official announcement about RR Rajamouli RRR 2. We know that Rajamouli – Mahesh Babu has prepared a good story for the present.

This movie is going to be made soon. There was a campaign on social media saying that there will be Baahubali 3 as soon as this movie is over. But according to the latest information, it is known that Baahubali 3 is being watched post phone. Information is received from film circles that RRR 2 is going to come to that place. Rajamouli is also going to make an official announcement on this soon. It is known that Rajamouli is going to give a big party to all the team on the auspicious occasion of the present RRR film receiving the Oscar award. Rajamouli will discuss about RRR 2 in that party and announce it officially. Anyway, it was possible for Rajamouli to win an Oscar award for the first time Telugu film in the Telugu film industry. With this, many people are wishing Sabhash Rajamouli..!!

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