RRR Oscar Special: Do you know what Chandra Bose imagined and wrote in Natu Natu song time..?

Wherever you look at the present, the same name will change in a range all over the world. The same director is Rajamouli. His ambitious movie RRR. Ranam Raudram Rudhiram, this movie, which was opened with the title Ranam Raudram Rudhiram, broke the box office record. But it brought profits in an unheard of range and rained money to the makers. Also, Ram Charan, the son of Megastar Chiranjeevi, played the hero in this movie. Nandamuri Taraka. Rama Rao’s grandson Junior NTR gave his life for the film. If all the heroes are making movies for money, these two heroes have proved that acting is what they are.

In this order, Indian cinema stars have been selected in the final list of the Oscar nomination, which is considered very prestigious. Natu Natu song from RRR movie has been added to the Oscar award final list in the original song category. In this order, Telugu people expressed hope that this award will be received no matter what. It happened as expected. A few hours ago, the Oscar winning list was announced by the Academy. In this order, Rajamouli has achieved a feat that no one has achieved so far. For the first time in the history of Indian film, an Oscar award has been given to a RRR film. The Natu Natu song received the Oscar Award in the Original Song category. Music director Keeravani ..lyricist Chandra Bose received Oscar awards. In this sequence, Keeravani expressed her joy on stage in the form of a song.

The main reason for this song to be a hit is the singers..but another reason is the lyrics. Chandra Bose has written with a lot of meaning, using the perfect Telugu words without vulgarity, taking words that even children can easily pronounce. While Chandra Bose wrote this song in just two to two hours. Moreover, it is known that Chandra Bose wrote the lyrics of this song at around 1 o’clock in the night. Moreover, Chandra Bose did not work hard for this song.

By closing his eyes and imagining the situation, how hard a farmer works to grow a crop..How does he feel when he gets the crop..Chandrabose was in that place and enjoyed that feeling and wrote the song. That’s why the song came so well. By now we have heard this song so many times and it feels like we need to hear it again…the main reason for that is the lyrics penned by Chandra Bose. People want Chandra Bose to write more songs like this..!!

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