RRR Naatu Naatu Won Oscar : Dogs are crying after Naatu Naatu won Oscar .. not outsiders but souls .. !

RRR Naatu Naatu Won Oscar: It is known that RRR: the movie directed by Darshan Dhirudu was a blockbuster hit. Not only in India but also globally it has gained good recognition. The Natu Natu song in this movie won an Oscar in the Original Song category. It is considered an honor for Indian cinema. There is no need to talk about our Telugu people. Is the Oscar award so great, should they be so happy about recognizing our films? Don’t we have great works of art beyond Hollywood movies?

RRR Naatu Naatu won Oscar some person jealous feel that

There are also those who argue that they recognize our films and give them recognition. But the world has never recognized our films. RRR movie shows what Indian power is. This will increase the market of our films. Indian cinema will be recognized globally wise. We should be happy for this. If not, there is a discussion on social media whether the Natu Natu song got an Oscar award. Are there more songs in Indian movies, because Rajamouli has financial strength, he is spending crores in America for the Oscar award, so this song got the Oscar, it is being questioned whether all the songs should be promoted like this.

Oscars 2023: SS Rajamouli's RRR Song 'Naatu Naatu' Takes Home Best Music (Original Song) Award

Otherwise, if you spend crores, you won’t get the Oscar award, if so, everyone will try for the Oscar award with a budget of hundreds of crores. With RRR’s film getting unexpected global recognition and especially Hollywood’s Natu Natu song getting international recognition, seeing the Americans dancing to this song, Rajamouli team took the song to the international celebrations. In that order expenditure was spent on promotions where necessary. Many people are promoting for Oscar like this. Critics should know that not all doers get an Oscar.

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