RRR : Bollywood singer’s tweet on RRR Oscar.. Shameful!

RRR: Rajamouli’s RRR won the Oscars and is showering praises across the country. Everyone from film celebrities to the Prime Minister is tweeting congratulating the RRR team. In this sequence, a tweet made by a Bollywood singer ‘Adnan Sami’ goes viral. This singer has sung songs in many Telugu movies. While Adnan tweeted addressing Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

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As the Natu Natu song won the Oscar, CM Jagan sent out a congratulatory tweet. “We are very proud to receive the Oscar nationally while waving our Telugu flag at the international level,” he tweeted. Singer Adnan reacted to this tweet and tweeted. “It is a shame to see the Telugu flag inciting regionalism and separating people. RRR was the first Indian film to win an Oscar. This is a national honor,” he said.

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Many people are responding to this tweet in various ways. While some are speaking in support of Singer Adnan, some are opposing it. If this award is given to a Hindi movie, they will call it a Bollywood movie, won’t they? They are asking. Even during the Oscar promotions, some people objected when Rajamouli said that Natu Natu is a Telugu song.

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