RRR 2 : ? Cheechi What is Jakkanna .. You have told such a terrible lie!

RRR 2: RRR is another amazing film directed by Rajamouli. It can be said that it is a big adventure to make a movie in Mega Nandamuri Combo. In this order, Jakanna did such an adventure with ease. RRR gave more than what movie fans wanted and scored a super hit. RRR has made its mark not only in India but also in the global market. Especially NTR and Charan’s performance is making movie lovers worldwide go crazy. In the meantime RRR movie was released in Japan. After watching the Japanese version, the audience there also made the movie a super hit.

But Rajamouli is giving a hint that there will be a new RRR 2 after seeing the craze for RRR. He said that Triple R 2 is also being planned in Los Angeles recently. But the reason why Rajamouli said this only there is that if the world cine lovers are told that there is RRR 2, they will watch RRR more. The audience is saying that if a director as big as Rajamouli is lying about RRR 2, he can say anything for the promotions of the movie.

RRR 2 Rajamouli intentionally did that mistake

Anyway, R.R.R movie was successful in entertaining the audience. RRR, which was on the top list on Netflix until recently, is now also available on Disney Hot Star. On the other hand, Triple R is also available in G5. In this way R.R.R will create sensations not national wide but world wide. Surely, if there is RRR 2, then the range of the movie will be different. If indeed there is RRR 2, there is a chance that the mega Nandamuri tumult will start again. Actually, Rajamouli is in a rush to make Mahesh’s film. So it can be said that triple R2 is not possible now.

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