Rithu Chowdary | Ritu Choudhary’s Shocking Comments

Rithu Chowdary | Now there is a big discussion about rave parties. Especially in a rave party held in Bangalore, movie actress Hema and Ashi Roy met created a sensation. Many people are discussing about these rave parties. In this order, there was a discussion on this in an event. On this occasion, Jabardasth beauty Ritu Chaudhary also revealed her opinion on rave parties. Not knowing about them, she revealed that she eagerly waited to see if she would be invited to rave parties.

First of all I don’t know what a rave party is. Ritu Chaudhary said that she was waiting to see if she would call me. But after learning about rave parties, she decided not to. However, she said that she still does not have complete knowledge about rave parties.
Ritu Choudhary said in the show that after knowing that drugs and prohibited substances are taken, she has decided that there is no need for rave parties. It is said that people in the film industry should know whether they are taking drugs knowingly or not.

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