Richa Chadha | Respect the country’s army.. Criticism pouring in on Richa Chadha..!

Richa Chadha | Bollywood actress Richa Chadha’s tweet on the Galvan incident is causing a stir. She has been heavily criticized on social media. Netizens are expressing their anger saying that Richa’s tweet has denigrated the Indian Army and belittled the sacrifices of Indian soldiers. The actress came down and apologized. However, the trolls are not stopping.

Many movie celebrities are also angry on Richa’s tweet. Manchu Vishnu, Nikhil Siddharth and others expressed their displeasure through Twitter. It is not appropriate to insult the military forces who are protecting the country. Reading about the sacrifices of the soldiers still brings tears. Keep politics aside.. Country Army should be respected. Nikhil tweeted saying, ‘Anything after the country’. Similarly, Manchu Vishnu also said through Twitter that ‘We should all respect the military forces..’ Bollywood celebrities Akshay Kumar, KK Menon and others are expressing their displeasure over Richa’s tweet.

What happened?

It is known that there was a clash between Chinese and Indian army forces in Galwan in May 2020. 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in that clash. Meanwhile, Northern Army Commander Lt. Gen. Upendra Dwivedi said that the Indian Army is ready to take over Pakistan-occupied Kashmir if the government orders it. Richa responded to the announcement with a tweet. She commented, ‘Galvan is saying hi’. Richa’s tweet caused a lot of controversy. The actress came down with this and said that she did not do this tweet on purpose. Apologized to the Indian Army to this extent.

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